Mercatus International is a technical furniture provider to commercial companies and government entities. We deliver creative and proven solutions to improve customer profitability.


In 1989, Mercatus contracted with the US Navy in San Diego as an ESD [Electro Static Discharge] solutions supplier. While conducting an ESD audit for the Navy’s Mobile Maintenance Facilities which transport electrostatically sensitive workstations on seafaring vessels, Mercatus met and began their association with Symbiote Inc. technical furniture.


Since then, Mercatus has been the exclusive territorial factory representative for Symbiote serving Southern California, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas, West Texas and Mexico.



In the mid 1990’s, company president William J. Rathsburg expanded the corporate charter to include design & build capabilities. This initiative allowed Mercatus to provide a broader range of solutions to the overall operations of its manufacturing and distribution clients. Working with corporate management and their architects, Mercatus International established its new client services role of general contractor, taking responsibility for all aspects of a corporate consolidation, operational restructuring and/or relocation. Taking on this 'turn-key' responsibility allows its customers to concentrate on the continued success of their daily operations, without interruption.




Mercatus International Marketing, Inc. was founded as a Michigan company in 1986 to serve the needs of the industrial manufacturing community with technical products and services.


In 1989 the company moved its operations to Carlsbad, California, concentrating on the Southwestern region of the United States. Targeting electronics, aerospace, semiconductor, military, healthcare and other technically oriented markets, Mercatus enhanced its reputation as industrial and commercial workspace problems solvers.



Mercatus International is now strategically positioned to consult with its commercial and industrial account base, with a comprehensive capabilities list, allowing the company to:


  • Review existing workplace operations
  • Redesign and streamline those operations to increase throughput
  • Outfit more efficient workspaces.
  • Consolidate remote site locations into a more efficient single work site
  • Automate the work-flow and data handling processes, giving management accurate, real-time information about their operations
  • Bring all of the incumbent savings generated by these steps directly to the bottom lins

meet the team

Bill Rathsburg, Sr. - President

 University of Detroit Business School Graduate

 30 year independent business career as industrial supplier

 Production Component Supplier of Automotive, OEM, Appliance, etc.

 Developed unique ESD (Electronic Discharge) Products for US Military

 Workplace Outfitter to Fortune 500 Companies throughout, USA and Mexico

 Member, ESD Association

 Founded Mercatus in 1989

Donovan Slingsby - Sales Engineer/Operations

 Responsible for Carlsbad Corporate Office Daily Operations, Customer Service & Project Design

 Factory trained and certified installer since 2003

 CAD Drafter, Qualified in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MiniCAD, and VectorWorks

 Employed with Mercatus since 1999


Bill Rathsburg, Jr. - Southwest Area Manager

 Responsible for coordinating overall marketing strategies & sales for Arizona and New Mexico

 Specific project responsibilities include workplace evaluation, design, sales, installation and maintenance programs for Mercatus' existing customers and new business development in Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico

 University of Michigan/American Graduate School of International Management

 Employed with Mercatus since 1993


Jon Schaffer - Sales Engineer

 New business development and sales

 Specific Project Responsibilities include workplace evaluation, design, sale, installation and maintenance programs for new and existing Mercatus clients

 Oregon State University, B.S. Speech Communication

 12 years experience within Electrical industry working with Industrial, OEM, Commercial, Medical and Semiconductor customers

 Employed with Mercatus since 2007


Sherry Rathsburg - CFO

 Co-founder of Mercatus International / Business Partner

 Contributed extensive customer service skills during Mercatus' early days

 Currently Mercatus International's Chief Financial Officer


Darren Lavery- Sales Representative

 Specific responsibilities include new business development, sales and installation

 Factory trained and certified installer since 2009

 Promoted to Area Sales Representative in Arizona and New Mexico

 Over 10 Years of sales experience

 Owned and operated a construction company for over 3 year

Mike Calvert – Project Coordinator

Order Processing, Customer Service and Daily Office Operations in Phoenix

Experience in semiconductor, fluid control, electrical, and mechanical industries.

Over 15 years as a Purchasing Agent

Employed with Mercatus since 2016