Electrostatic Discharge solutions




Mercatus International has been chosen as the exclusive provider for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corp. and severaallieded militaries for proprietary ESD Control solutions that save money and increase safety.


Static Removal Kits (MMK100 and MSW109)

Eliminate static charge buildup on windscreens and canopies of military fighter aircraft. Mercatus International invented a solution that eliminated flight deck personnel from having to do this procedure manually, having caused several injuries, to a remote and safer operation.


Conductive Grid Tape (M1007)

Conductive Grid Tape acts as Faraday Cage to prevent static discharge damage to static-sensitive electronic equipment and on-board weapons systems. This tape solution replaced previous methods used by the military, significantly reduced equipment costs and eliminated potential damage to aircraft engines by accidental ingestion of FOD (Foreign Object Damage)

Since 1990, over 150 companies have been using Mercatus static control solutions to protect their sensitive electronic systems and equipment in test and assembly labs, manufacturing areas, electronics labs, and material handling systems. About 70% of our clients require ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) control.

Anti-Static Grid Tape

M1007 (NSN: 5999-01-378-8454)

Telescoping Electrostatic Discharger

MSW109 (NSN: 5920-01-608-0186)

This unique three layer tape was designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment form the effects of ESD. Mercatus International's exclusive technology incorporates non-sparking anti-static properties on both the inside and outside surfaces. A conductive grid is embedded between two layers of anti-static polymers, preventing shredding, flaking and deterioration, even in the most hostile environments.



 Discharge (ESD) protection for sensitive electronics

 Eliminates FOD hazard and costly inventory of rigid plastic ESD caps and plugs

 Mandatory for use by all Fleet Navy and Marine Corps for WRA connectors

 Used by electronics maintenance crews to safely seal ESD bags and boxes

 Fast, easy, cost-effective protection / fits any size connector

 Has been in use for over 15 years

 Fully tested by NSWC - Dahlgren

 Proprietary yellow color to signify ESD protection

The Mercatus MSW109 Electrostatic Charge Removal Kit was designed specifically for Electrostatic charge removal from the F/A-18 aircraft canopy and windscreen in a a manner that protects the user and minimizes the potential of scratching the canopy windscreen surfaces without climbing on the aircraft.



The user is able to reach the canopy and windscreen by means of a telescoping pole. The pole contains a single conductor cord connecting the conductive head mechanism to the ground cord set.


The ground cord set is used to provide an electrical connection between the telescoping pole to the ground point in the nose wheel well of the aircraft.


The head mechanism has a conductive polyester cover fully surrounding a foam core. The head mechanism has a secure angle setting and a four-way swivel capability to provide proper contact with the surface of the canopy windscreen.

Head Cover, Discharger

TEC100 (NSN:)

Electrostatic Discharger Aircraft Mittens

MMK100 (NSN:5920-01-411-7033)

The Mercatus TEC100 Head Cover is made of lightweight polyester knit fabric that is groundable and easily laundered. The fabric is well suited to removing static charges from windscreens and canopies.


The TEC100 is made from monofilament thread with a grid pattern of carbon-suffused monofilament nylon. The grid pattern is knit into the fabric and designed to provide the best grounding performance. All seams are designed to maximize conductivity from panel to panel.


The TEC100 Head Cover is a consumable replacement item to be used on the Mercatus International MSW109 Telescoping Aircraft Electrostatic Discharger


The TEC100 Head Cove must be kept clean and should be removed from service if damaged or torn. It should be washed in cool or cold water, hand dry or dry at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, or less.


The lightweight fabric will dry very quickly.

The Mercatus International MMK100 Electrostatic Charge Removal Kit was designed specifically for Electrostatic charge removal from the F/A-18 aircraft canopy and windscreen in a manner that protects the user from electrical shock and minimizes the potential of scratching the canopy/windscreen surfaces.




The kit consists of a pair of heavy gauge rubber isulative mittens to be encased within a shell of continuous filament polyester fabric. The outer fabric shell is woven throughout with carbonized nylon static conductors designed to safely dissipate the buildup of electrical charges.


The cloth mittens are to be worn over the rubber mittens and interconnected with the short jumper cord provided. The longer, grounding cord is to be connected to either cloth mitten and to the ground point in the nose wheel well of the aircraft. The mittens are worn by the user to wipe away any/all static charges from the canopy/windscreen surfaces that are prone to develop during flight.