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Budgetary Planning

We work with you to ensure that we provide the perfect workplace solution while keeping your financial requirements in mind.



Layout & Design

Many of our clients' projects are like peeling an onion; it takes going through several layers to arrive at the finished product. Many project designs evolve over several revisions. Professional and consistent follow-through typify this phase of work.



Technical Drawings and Documentation

30% of our projects are

custom-tailored to end-user specifications. Mercatus Engineering expertise is critical for our client's success.




Factory-trained and certified installers ensure the final step of a project and ensure intact manufacturer's warranties. We take pride in being prompt, courteous, and make sure you are happy with the end product.



Integrating the Integrators is what Mercatus does best. Seamless and accurate communication with strong attention to detail characterize this phase of work. We coordinate with multiple suppliers, client facilities and logistics providers while keeping you up to date as the project unfolds.